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CornholeAntics helps everyone discover the fun game everybody in America is playing!


CornholeAntics – a new eCommerce website that epitomizes the fun and enjoyment of playing cornhole!

From tailgates to backyards, everyone is playing a game called cornhole. It’s a social game with a simple objective – make the corn-filled bag in the plywood hole. The game is absurdly fun and growing in popularity and more and more players are making a statement with their cornhole boards.

CornholeAntics.com is a new eCommerce website helping all fans of cornhole make those statements with their boards. The website offers plain, unfinished boards so that the artistic type can paint and design their own boards. For those who don’t want to get their hands full of paint there are fully painted and specialty cornhole board designs ready to use right out of the box.

The company also offers boards adorned with fraternity and sorority letters and officially licensed college logo cornhole boards of all major universities for those die hard college fans! The most popular boards, however, are the fully customizable cornhole boards where customers can create the design of their boards from scratch.

“Most customer requests we receive are for our custom cornhole boards”, says Ruben Luna, Vice-President of Marketing and Brand Strategy. “Many customers want their boards to personify who they are and what they like. That may mean a design of the small private university they attended, favorite sports team, or wedding date. We can create any board our customers can think of and the graphics are impeccable.”

The people at CornholeAntics love the game of cornhole and the website was created to bring the game to everyone else who loves the game too. The company’s mission is to help everyone around the country discover how much fun this game can be by providing premium cornhole boards at fair prices backed by superior customer service.

Visit us at CornholeAntics.com

About Antics

To us, cornhole is more than a game with a strange sounding name. It’s a true American game played by only the most radical dudes that can be found at any tailgate or party. If you see an Antic playing horseshoes or washers, they look like a cow on roller skates. This exact passion for tossing bags is why CornholeAntics is so awesome. We have meticulously labored over the perfect construction and design of our boards. They are built for the most difficult cornhole critics – us. They have finally met our highest standards for cornhole righteousness. Antics boards are everything boards should be. They’re day-drinking in the sun. They’re delicious weekend tailgate BBQs. They’re Corvettes on the highway.

Join the revolution of bringing unadulterated fun to every backyard, BBQ, tailgate, campsite, and party. Your life will thank you for it.


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