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Guest Bloggers: Write for this Blog

Posted on Jun 23, 2014.

The CornholeAntics Blog is committed to providing our readers excellent information about the great game of cornhole. So, if you share our love for the bombastic game called cornhole, we invite you to write an article for this blog. Share with us why you love cornhole. Write an article about the rules, news, events, culture, etc. The blog post should relate to anything cornhole. Since all article submissions will be reviewed by our team, please make the articles are original and unique content, and interesting to the cornhole community. Website Link Opportunity Google and the other ..


About Antics

To us, cornhole is more than a game with a strange sounding name. It’s a true American game played by only the most radical dudes that can be found at any tailgate or party. If you see an Antic playing horseshoes or washers, they look like a cow on roller skates. This exact passion for tossing bags is why CornholeAntics is so awesome. We have meticulously labored over the perfect construction and design of our boards. They are built for the most difficult cornhole critics – us. They have finally met our highest standards for cornhole righteousness. Antics boards are everything boards should be. They’re day-drinking in the sun. They’re delicious weekend tailgate BBQs. They’re Corvettes on the highway.

Join the revolution of bringing unadulterated fun to every backyard, BBQ, tailgate, campsite, and party. Your life will thank you for it.


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