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The all-new next generation AnticsBoards are designed to provide tournament quality features for the most serious players as well as the have a good time weekend warrior. They are hand-crafted with strong, solid wood construction. The premium Baltic Birch frames and legs are precisely milled to size and the edges are rounded over for improved strength and feel. Additional cross beams and leg braces have been added for improved playing performance. Our signature laminated graphic overlays are permanently adhered to the plywood tops providing brilliant color and a smooth, durable playing surface. All top, sides, and bottom wood surfaces feature a professional factory finish.

Most cheap cornhole boards are made either from flimsy particle board or twisted/bowed construction grade 2x4's that make them wobbly and imperfect – that’s just embarrassing. Our boards are designed for excellent performance and are built to last so that you can confidently know you’re playing on quality boards that are made the right way!

They are delivered fully assembled and ready to play out of the box. Hand built by badass Americans! Booyah! :)


AnticsBoards Regulation Size Cornhole Boards

AnticsBoards Regulation Height Cornhole Boards


  • Official 24" x 48” – (2ft. x 4ft.) ACL/ACO regulation size cornhole boards
  • The back of the boards measure precisely 12” off the ground & the front measures 3” off the ground for the perfect pitch
  • The frames and legs are constructed with solid 1 x 3”, Baltic Birch ¾" plywood


AnticsBoards Perfect Machine Cut Hole


  • 6” hole centered 9” from the top of the boards and 12” from each side
  • Perfect machine cut hole – no jigsaw!


AnticsBoards Folding Legs

AnticsBoards Folding Legs 2


  • Retractable legs with wing nut fasteners for easy storage
  • Steel washers placed between legs and frame prevents wood on wood contact


AnticsBoards Leg Brace


  • Antics precise signature cut legs that sit at the perfect angle
  • Sturdy brace locks the legs in place, and keeps bags pitched through the hole under the board


AnticsBoards Support Cross Beam


  • Center cross beam construction reduces bounce and vibration
  • The precision cut frame edges are rounded over to provide a stronger and smoother touch


AnticsBoards Pocket Hole Screws


  • Hidden pocket hole screws for strong joints and a smooth playing surface
  • No unsightly nails or visible screws


AnticsBoards Smooth Playing Surface


  • Vibrant graphic overlays permanently adhered to the Cabinet Grade Baltic Birch ⅝" plywood tops provide a durable playing surface
  • Top, sides, and bottom wood surfaces have a professional protection factory finish


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About Antics

To us, cornhole is more than a game with a strange sounding name. It’s a true American game played by only the most radical dudes that can be found at any tailgate or party. If you see an Antic playing horseshoes or washers, they look like a cow on roller skates. This exact passion for tossing bags is why CornholeAntics is so awesome. We have meticulously labored over the perfect construction and design of our boards. They are built for the most difficult cornhole critics – us. They have finally met our highest standards for cornhole righteousness. Antics boards are everything boards should be. They’re day-drinking in the sun. They’re delicious weekend tailgate BBQs. They’re Corvettes on the highway.

Join the revolution of bringing unadulterated fun to every backyard, BBQ, tailgate, campsite, and party. Your life will thank you for it.


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