The Mericas (Camo) w/bags
  • The Mericas (Camo) w/bags
  • The Mericas (Camo) w/bags

The Mericas (Camo) w/bags

Brand: CornholeAntics
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Nothing says, “I love my country!” like drinking your country’s best brew and playing cornhole in the name of your motherland. Every proud patriot needs a set of these cornhole boards. Winning on these boards will prove to everyone which country has the best culture, the most beautiful women, and produces the superior athlete. Every satisfying bag you land on these boards will remind you of home cooking and where you came from. High five your compatriots and show everyone that your country is the best with your country flag cornhole boards.


The all-new next generation AnticsBoards are designed to provide tournament quality features for the most serious players as well as the have-a-good-time weekend warrior. They are hand-crafted with strong, solid wood construction. The premium Baltic Birch frames and legs are precisely milled to size and the edges are rounded over for improved strength and feel. Additional cross beams and leg braces have been added for improved playing performance. Our signature laminated graphic overlays are permanently adhered to the plywood tops providing brilliant color and a smooth, durable playing surface. All top, sides, and bottom wood surfaces feature a professional factory finish.  -board construction

Most cheap cornhole boards are made either from flimsy particle board or twisted/bowed construction grade 2x4’s that make them wobbly and imperfect – that’s just embarrassing. Our boards are designed for excellent performance and are built to last so that you can confidently know you’re playing on quality boards that are made the right way!

  • All boards include 8 cornhole bags made with 10oz. premium duck cloth filled with 15-16oz. of whole kernels (All-Weather bags are filled with plastic beads - resin).
  • Made in the USA!
Cornhole Boards
Board Dimensions 24” x 48” – (2ft. x 4ft.) Regulation Cornhole Boards
Board Materials Frame and legs are made of solid ¾” Baltic Birch plywood. The deck is made of premium ⅝” cabinet grade Baltic Birch plywood.
Board Design The boards are crafted with the highest quality materials regulation size (2’ x 4’) with a 6” hole centered 9” from the top of the boards and 12” from each side. The back of the boards measure 12” of the ground and the front measures 3” off the ground for the perfect pitch. The frames and legs are constructed with solid ¾” Baltic Birch plywoodand the decks are made of premium ⅝” cabinet grade Baltic Birch plywoodthat will not bow or warp with changes in humidity. The decks are screwed to the frames with strong pocket hole joints and high quality fasteners and the boards come with retractable legs for easy storage. Made in the USA!
Cornhole Bags
Bag Dimensions 6” x 6” - Regulation Cornhole Bags (15-16oz.)
Bag Materials Bags are made with premium duck cloth filled with 15-16oz. of whole kernels (All-Weather bags are filled with plastic beads - resin).
Bag Design The bags are made with the highest quality materials made regulation size 6” x 6” weighing approximately one pound. The bags are sown with premium duck cloth and filled with 15-16oz. of whole kernels (All-Weather bags are filled with plastic beads - resin).

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About Antics

To us, cornhole is more than a game with a strange sounding name. It’s a true American game played by only the most radical dudes that can be found at any tailgate or party. If you see an Antic playing horseshoes or washers, they look like a cow on roller skates. This exact passion for tossing bags is why CornholeAntics is so awesome. We have meticulously labored over the perfect construction and design of our boards. They are built for the most difficult cornhole critics – us. They have finally met our highest standards for cornhole righteousness. Antics boards are everything boards should be. They’re day-drinking in the sun. They’re delicious weekend tailgate BBQs. They’re Corvettes on the highway.

Join the revolution of bringing unadulterated fun to every backyard, BBQ, tailgate, campsite, and party. Your life will thank you for it.


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